First Annual
"Choo Chew" Saturday

Motive Power and Rolling Stock Available on October 27, 2001

This Pacific Coast Railway electric locomotive models those that could have been seen running in Santa Maria during the early 1900s.

A Pacific Coast Railway caboose.

No. 4751 "blows down" after a full day of steaming.

These locomotives were on display at the turntable throughout the day.

A Northern (4-8-4) live steam locomotive (diesel fueled) prepares to leave the turntable for the main line. It's numbered 4751 refering to the fact that its construction was begun in 1947 and it was completed in 1951. It's been running 50 years!

This 4-6-0 coal-burner has its head of steam and is moving onto the turntable.

The 4-6-0 has swung around and is preparing to head off the turntable for the main line.

Some visitors chatting with the Yard Master at the center of the turntable.

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