Triennial Ramble

Triennial Ramble
to Train Mountain

Northbound stop at the BCWRR
Monday, June 16, 2003

It was a very busy day at the steaming bays!

Ed Winnewisser heads out on the "high iron".

John Bishop and his son, Jonas, coming back from a "spin" around the mainline.

Detail closeup of Kevin's C-19.

John LeBeck and Roland Fogerty work on track at the new turntable.

Rick makes some more rail joiners.

The BBQ area was quite busy at lunch time!

"Signal Super" Bob Dietz.

Jack Bodenman and Ed Winnewisser with Ed's rebuilt 0-6-0.

Check out the new turntable on the upper level!

Kevin Doe from Atlanta brings his C-19 into the main yard.

Here's a great lineup - all the way from Atlanta.

Kevin and Dick work on a "pot" signal.

Don Orr from Loco Parts shows off his wares.

Goleta Valley Line cabooses patiently wait for the locos behind them to steam up.

No. 13 from the front.

No. 20 readies at a steaming bay while (to the right) a white switch engine pulls away from the turntable and heads for the mainline.

A very busy morning!...

Dennis Thurman tamping new track.


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