September 13, 2003
Work Day

This new switch goes right here! And it's steel, not aluminum.

Tools sit on top of the new switch, which in turn sits upon the old switch still in place. The crew begins unbolting existing rails.

New steel rail is attached to the new ties with rail clamps.

Note the rail gauges (yellowish) holding the rails at the proper distance while they are attached to the ties.

Getting close... Lots of ballast is being applied now (most of the new switch is covered), and is yet to be tidied up.

Other activities of the day...

Karl explains exactly where the switch goes. Or is that where the switch came from?!

The old switch has been removed and the new one set in place after a fair amount of ballast was removed to accommodate the new 2x4 ties (the old ties were 2x2).

More ties are placed, and but one gap remains beyond the switch to the right.

As the last ties are attached, ballast is already being replaced (to the right and behind the railroader).

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