September 14, 2003
Run Day

There must be big game off to the left as this train exits the tunnel and heads out across the trestle.

The Pacific Coast Railway (PCRy) No. 2 exits the tunnel.

Passengers at the depot board PCRy No. 2.

The Southern Pacific's X-1 exits this tunnel on its way to the next tunnel followed by the trestle bridge.

The X-1 hauls past the car barn. Note how open this pine-covered area feels given that it was pruned yesterday.

These D&RGW gondolas loaded with excursion passengers pass under the signal bridge as they approach the depot.

A Goleta Valley locomotive rounds the turn as it swings toward the depot. This section now has steel rails.

Union Pacific No. 1943 approaches the depot.

The Goleta Valley steamer glides over the new steel-railed switch installed yesterday.

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