October 11, 2003
Work Day

This work day started out with a walk-through of a new construction site. The stakes mark the area that will soon have the Bitter Creek Lumber Mill (which will really be a disguised car barn).

These railroaders are walking away from the site of the new lumber mill which is in the distance behind them.

The eastbound approach to the Depot is getting a new retaining wall. James is preparing to place some 4x4 posts.

Robert cleans up along the completed portion of the retaining wall. This picture looks eastwardly toward the Depot.

Dick engineers the log and waste barrel train.

These munchkins just couldn't wait until tomorrow's Run Day to get something going! We all know the feeling. Rumor has it that a new train will debut tomorrow for the gal on the red hand car.

Jack works on a new building for Donkey Hollow, which, by the way, is NOT a ghost town.

Kevin (white shirt) and Kyle (green shirt) set the leveling line for the retaining wall.

Harry starts reducing the branch trimming pile to mulch.

Kevin (left) and Bob (right) complete the signal-related electrical portion of the recent new steel switch installation.

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