December 13, 2003
Work Day

Bill and Dennis work the foundation area for the future lumber mill (aka a car barn).

Dayle, Bud and Ernie clear out the old concrete in preparation for pouring a new crossing surface.

Karl's new SD-9 just arrived from Oregon. The Southern Pacific bought over 500 of these in the 1950s, and they can occassionally be seen running today. "SD" stands for Special Duty, and with 6 drive axles was a heavier version of the GP-9 which has 4.

Russ (the Big Brother) and Juan and Jose (the Little Brothers) work on the retaining wall along the eastward approach to the depot. What a great Big Brother activity!

Harry fells a dead eucalyptus tree around the far turn.

Jack makes an oak tree look much better.

And Bob hauls away the trimmings.

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