January 18, 2004
MLK Weekend Run

Jeff Badger's Soquel Pacific Coast (S.P.C.) Railway No. 3.

Santa Fe No. 1304.

Yeager Creek Railway (YCRy) mining cars.

YCRy switcher in the yard.

An SMV train makes the approach to the yard.

Another Soquel Pacific Coast (S.P.C.) Railway locomotive.

Dale Blakey's vertical boiler passes through the cut.

CA&A train as it enters the yard.

Yeager Creek Railway's No. 2.

Pomona South Riverside and Elsinore's (PSRE's) coal burning Heisler being engineered by Casey Farwick.

Karl placed some old photos of the BCWRR at strategic locations so that today's train lovers could see "Then and Now". See this web site's Historical Photos section.

Two trains shown here boarding at the depot.

Here's an inside view of a fabulous work car on the S.P.C. Railway.

The S.P.C. Railway train waters in the yard.

The Santa Fe makes for the yard.

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