February 14-16, 2004
Presidents' Weekend Run

Thanks to Karl for these pictures!...

Harold Law's C.P. No. 173.

Ed Winnewisser fires up.

John LeBeck out on the Goleta Pacific.

Jim Maples taking his Alco RS-3 out for the first time with an all-electric drive train.

Dick Rayburn and Dennis out for a run.


Early morning at the roundhouse.

Ed Winnewisser and Jim Maples discuss recent changes and upgrades to the switcher.

John LeBeck preps the Goleta Pacific.

The Rio Grande Southern No. 20 was on display.

Ed unloads with Charles Docksteader admiring.

Aaron Kahn gives rides on the Pacific Coast No. 2.

The lunch crew included (l-r) Joe Hayes, Dennis Thurman, and Ed.

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