April 18, 2004
Work Day

The big project of the day was laying new steel rail on the approach to the signal bridge at the passenger boarding area (which is behind the photographer taking this picture).

The surveyors try to keep the crew on the straight and narrow and level.

Karl drives the spikes (well, screws).

This is about the only view we got of Karl today.

Dennis works on the monumental task of removing an entire hill to make room for more sidings at the BBQ area.

Kevin and Gary fuel SMVRR No. 1801 in preparation for the next run on May 1, 2004.

During a practice run, Kevin (right) gives instruction to Gary about handling loads on big run days.

John handles the survey pole.

And Bob works the placing of an 80-foot section of track.

The switch is for a new siding.

The new lumber mill as seen this day from part-way up the Mountain Division.

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