May 16, 2004
Run Day

It was a busy day at the BCWRR! This is a D&RGW train behind the Southern Pacific X-1 and with a Rio Grande Southern caboose.

Dennis engineers the Pacific Coast Railway No. E-2 past the enginehouses at the turntable.

The Goleta Valley Railroad steamer blows down at the end of the day.

The lumbermill gets some track layed in its direction.

The Southern Pacific X-1 goes past the mission-style building.

The Santa Maria Valley Raiload No. 1801 passes the semaphore as it approaches a bridge.


The SMV and UP trains board at the depot.

This Union Pacific train passes through the car barn area.

Harry Laws' Central Pacific No. 173.

A close-up on Goleta Valley No. 1259.

No. 4409 sits at the roundhouse.

Goleta Valley No. 1259.

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