Narrow Gauge Meet
August 22, 2004

Erin Swain's Sierra Nevada Wood & Lumber Company (SNW&LCo) No. 3 hails from the Truckee area.

Pacific Coast Railway (PCRy) No. 2 approaching the depot area.

RGS No. 41.

Union Pacific Centennial.

Don't get caught in her way!

Denver & Rio Grande Western No. 50.

Sol engineers PCRy No. 2 past the depot building just having come through tunnel 4.

Brian's Heisler approaches the depot signal bridge.

Harry gives the No. 20 a good reaming.

A little conversation at the steaming bays.

Jeff Badger's S.P.C. Railway.

This old depot building is just down the mainline from (after) Tunnel No. 2 (when heading "east") and always down the stairs from the BBQ/picnic area.

The Heisler builds one of the longer trains of the day.

The Heisler approaches the depot signals.

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