Narrow Gauge Meet
August 22, 2004

SNW&LCo. No.3.

Focusing on action in the yard.

RGS No. 6.

Action at the depot.

The SNW&LCo. "steam donkey" car. These steam-driven contraptions basically drew in cable. They could be used to pull logs to the train, or even to pull the train itself (toward a fixed object to which the cable could be attached). It's marked G&PRR No. 12977.

SNW&LCo. No. 3.

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Jack cleans up No. 9 from last evening's run.

Two live steamers at the passenger loading area.

The Bitter Creek Western Lumber Company took delivery of its first flat car recently!

And, the lumber mill now has a sign, and a name: Hobo Gulch Mill.

The Union Pacific Centennial.

In the yard.

The PCRy No. 2 takes some passengers through the yard.

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