Work Day
October 9, 2004

Aluminum rail was being replaced by steel rail on the far turn opposite the yard.

Matt and Kevin joining rail.

And Sol and John screwing them down.

The water and fuel towers by the turntable were getting repaired and repainted.

The gray tower once provided diesel fuel, and the yellow tower provided water. Both are in working condition today, though not used at the moment.

"I just love the smell of coal burning in the morning!" As seen through the cab windows of No. 9.

Dick was putting Doug Chancey's collection of John Deere equipment on these T&P (Texas and Pacific) flat cars. Doug was from Texas.

Bob is replacing the battery in the signal power station near the carbarn and tunnel #3.

The signal going into tunnel #3 (eastbound, near the car barns) got a new LED green light.

Ernie watches and listens as Jack preps No. 9 for tomorrow's activities.

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