Run Day
October 10, 2004

Bitter Creek trains never fail to enthrall children of all ages.

Hop on up into the cab of No. 9!

Dick "Old Goat" Rayburn gets a shot at the controls of this UP loco.

They'll let anyone learn to drive these things!

You never know what you might find in some of the buildings in the ghost town of Casper.

Harry engineers this other UP train.

SMVRR No. 1801 pulls into the depot area to exchange passengers.

Work Day (day before).

Bill's UP No. 1943 train heads out of the depot area as Karl's SP train pulls in.

It's gonna go that way, Mom!

SMVRR No. 1801.

Jack at the controls of his Alcalde & Coalfield No. 9 as it crosses the Doug Chancey Memorial Trestle.

Jack doing a bit of adjusting on No. 9.

Putting some cars away at the end of the day.

So many valves, so little time...

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