May 7, 2005
Pacific Coast Railroad Roundup

The Bitter Creek Western Railroad supported this fundraiser for the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum by setting up a 7.5" gauge loop and running a train for participants to enjoy. The event took place at the The Pacific Coast Railroad Company, a 3-foot gauge operation located at the Santa Margarita Ranch in northern San Luis Obispo County.

No. 2 approaching the boarding area. No. 2 is a 1927 Vulcan 2-4-0 steam locomotive used on the "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman" TV show, and it's called the Roger Linn.

The coaches were built as the original passenger cars on the Disneyland train. It turned out they weren't very conducive to quick load and unload, so were soon replaced and stored away.

Exhibitors gathered in the barn, built in 1780.

No. 2 takes on water.

The SLO County Band struck up "I've Been Workin' on the Railroad"!

No. 3.

One of the exhibitors had operating G-scale trains.

May 7, 8a, 8b, 2005.

No. 3, also in operation today, has just crossed the main entrance road after leaving the boarding area and is headed out into the wilderness on its 2-mile journey.

No. 2 climbing the grade as it approaches the boarding area.

Also representing the BCWRR was this Purdy and Eastern train operated by Ed Winnewisser.

Approaching the boarding area...

No. 2.

Engineering No. 2.

There was quite an outdoor display of machinery.


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