July 2, 2005

July 4th series: 2a, 2b, 2c, 3, 3b

Dick at the controls of his 7.5-inch gauge Toonerville Trolley. (How'd he climb in there?!) See July 2b page for a non-manipulated image. Also, see the story page.

A Shay, Westside No. 14, Rich Ulin of Colorado (Ulin Locomotive Works).

Incredible details.

Apple Valley diesels pull alongside George Tomlin's No. 5.

Les engineers Turtle Post Ranch's No. 9.

Gil Beaird's NYC&StL No. 765 Berkshire with the builder, Jim Creiter, looking on. Gil is based at the Sacramento Valley Live Steamers operation. He's been running this loco about 1.5 years now; construction began in 1989.


Pete Thorp passed away this last December. He was one of Doug's best friends and was instrumental in convincing Doug to build this railroad. We're all wearing buttons this 4th of July weekend to remember Pete, and to say Thank You!...

Craddock's Appaloosa Pullman.

Bob Schaible's train.

Bruno Platzer's Union Pacific Challenger pulls a long train.

Bob Schaible at the controls of his Turtle Post Ranch Shortline Railroad SP X-1, Tracy, CA

Verdi Lumber Company Caboose No. 49.

Turtle Post Ranch Shortline Railroad No. 9.

Jack checks the rising pressures as No. 9 fires up.

Pahrump Valley and Amargosa with No. 120 behind it.

Ed Winnewisser on his Purdy and Eastern.

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