July 3, 2005

July 4th series: 2a, 2b, 2c, 3, 3b

Webman Jamie Foster at the controls of SPC Railway No. 3.

Crescenta Valley Railroad Co. mail truck, Motor No. 2.

And Motor No. 2's consist.

Karl on the S.P. black widow with the White Pass loco to the left.

Kevin's SMVRR No. 1801 with quite the long train.

RMI Railworks (from Fresno).

Pulling through Donkey Hollow. [This picture won "Honorable Mention" in DiscoverLiveSteam.com's 2005 Photo Contest Realistic category.]

Southern Pacific switcher.

The U.P. Challenger out on the mainline.

Jack engineering the Yeager Creek Railway Shay, No. 2.

SMVRR No. 1801 on the foreground track, and the Yeager Creek Railway train on the far side going the other way (see the ore car on the back).

Front end of the Challenger.

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