August 20, 2005
Narrow Gauge Meet

No. 9.

AT&SF No. 940.

Rio Grande No. 268.

Roger and Harry doublehead for this long train (above left, and below).

AT&SF No. 945 and No. 946.

Frisco No. 1458.

D&RGW No. 278.

August 19, 20a, 20b, 20c.
August 19, 20a, 20b, 20c.

Ray Cadd (right) and Greg Robinson (editor of Grand Scales Quarterly and 7+ Railroader) run the RC&SRR (Rincon Camino & Sunny Slope Railroad) No. 1 for the first time at BCWRR in quite a while. The loco was built by Jack Bodenmann over 15 years ago.

That's Joel in PCRy caboose No. 3. (No "photoshopping" here, he's really in the caboose!)

Matt and John are working on the tracks to the carbarn extension.

Majestic No. 3 and Sand Lake Mason & Western No. 47 (foreground).

Brian with the SR&RL No. 5.

Colorado and Southern No. 13.

Southern Pacific No. 1945.

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