May 6, 2006
Pacific Coast Roundup

The Pacific Coast Roundup is a 2-day fundraising event for the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum held at the Santa Margarita Ranch Pacific Coast Railroad [web/blog].

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The early morning crew meeting breaks up. That's Jack Bodenmann in the lower right.

The Central Coast Vintage Machinery Association had quite a display.

Aaron is ready for the day!

Ed fires up his 7.5" Purdy and Eastern Steamer for the day.

Joe checks in with dispatch.

The folks from the BCWRR provided this Pacific Coast Railway train in 7.5" gauge.

A Bitter Creek trio checks out the machinery.

The bathtub contraption.

Rubber ducky, you're the one.

Jeff does a little preparatory cleaning.

Now there's an impressive array of whistles.

More "machinery".

The BCWRR train passes by the vintage fire fighting equipment on display.

Horse-drawn fire "truck".

Cart display.

Karl's firing the loco as it steams by.

Vintage cars, too!

Last year's Pacific Coast Roundup.

The Pacific Coast Railroad Company.

More info about the Disneyland coaches.

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