May 20, 2006
Work Day

First, new ties are lined up on top of the rail that is being replaced.

A 20-foot length of steel rail is cut in half so as to offset the rail joins on the finished track.

Bob worked the signal control at the base of the stairs up to the BBQ.

Bill does the fence-painting shuffle.

Hot dogs for lunch!

Karl and Bill discuss some finer points.

Screws hold the rails to the ties.

It's running on air!

140 feet of track is done! Another day, the old track (left) will be pulled out and the new put in.

John digs postholes for extending the two right carbarn tracks.

Bob and Thys help line things up.

A 3-man rail team works well.


Dennis is pulling his new Pleasant Valley No. 11 around to the yard using the X-1.

Jack was putting new bottoms in some brake wheel planters.

The posthole shuffle.

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