July 4, 2006
The 4th of July

Pleasant Valley No. 11 crosses the bridge along the backside of the BCWRR.

Dennis has been very generous allowing engineers to give his new loco and train a spin.

Central Pacific No. 229.

No. 9 with Jack and Harry.

Pleasant Valley No. 11.

Santa Fe No. 101.

A gorgeous pair of Daylights.

Union Pacific No. 6900.

A busy day at the turntable and steaming bays.
Thanks to Karl for these pictures.

And thanks to Mike Massee (www.mikemassee.com) for this nearly 4-minute video. Both video files are the same content, the difference is size/resolution:
Windows Media Movie, 320x180, 13.3mb
Windows Media Movie, 640x360, 29.9mb

The interurban.

Tom Osterdock's vertical boiler.

Conrail No. 6743 and the front of the Centennial.

Out on the far turn with the Southern Pacific switcher.

No. 11 crosses one of the bridges.

Doubleheading the Daylights!

A gas-powered Huskie, Santa Fe No. 345.

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