September 23, 2006
Work Day

It was a work day out on the Union Pacific Railroad today, too.

Progress on the carbarn extension (over by the main yard).

Work trains are what make work days fun!

Lots of raking today.

If only he had a chain saw to hold overhead as they went by.

Next Day.
Many of today's railroaders were from the Santa Maria Valley Railway Historical Museum, working in preparation for their Chew Choo Saturday fundraiser this coming Saturday here at Bitter Creek.

This new steel track was put in a few weeks ago. Now for final leveling, ballast, etc.

Bob Dietz would dearly love to find a signal maintenance "co-chair". Seriously, if you'd like to get in on this aspect (pun intended) of railroading, let us know!

That 4th signal below the original three will signal the position of a swtich just around the bend.

The ballast supply pile is up on the Mountain Division.

Note the beautiful clearing project underway.

Kevin really gets into his work!

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