March 18, 2007
Speeder Group Visits

Bill turns from speeder operator to locomotive engineer!

Kevin operates his version of the SMVRR No. 1801.

Pacific Coast Railway (PCRy) E-2.

Speeders lined Halcyon road the better part of the day.

Boarding at the depot.

Jack's No. 9 heads up the first grade just as it leaves the depot.

No. 1801 passes through the BBQ area.

Hot dogs, chips, and a soda!

B&SP No. 428.

Checking out some of the locomotives on display at the turntable and steaming bays.
A North American Railcar Operators Association (NARCOA) Motorcar Operators West (MOW) speeder group ran on the Santa Maria Valley Railroad (SMVRR) yesterday (see the speeders on the SMVRR), and came up to BCWRR for more railroading fun today!

Pleasant Valley No. 11.

And more railroading chat around the BBQ pit.

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