March 24, 2007
Daniel Visits the BCWRR
Saturday Work Day

Daniel began his Make-a-Wish weekend at the BCWRR on Saturday! Tomorrow he goes to the Pacific Coast Railroad (PCRR) at the Santa Margarita Ranch (see pages 2 and 3).

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While Daniel road the rails, today's work crew leveled some track and replaced about 40 feet of aluminum rail with steel rail - all above Tunnel No. 3.

This mirror tool is very handy for sighting down a section of track for "straight and level".

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Daniel pulls back into a siding to let the interurban through.

And then he's off again!

Daniel wanted to pull a caboose, so Kevin switched one out...

Daniel pulled through the switch...

Backed up to the caboose...

And off he went!

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