May 6, 2007
Pacific Coast Railroad Roundup

Jeff firing No. 3.

Bill and Patti discuss the days plans.

Dennis throws a highball.

The Mary E. visited from Reedley's Hillcrest Shops.

Bill and Aron.

This passenger was donated to the railroad.

Bill protects the train.

Engineer Jarret.

The BCWRR operated a popular 7.5" gauge loop for the Roundup.

Back to the first day of the event...
Another thousand or so people attended the second day of the Pacific Coast Roundup at the Pacific Coast Railroad at the Santa Margarita Ranch, a fundraiser for the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum.

No. 3 waits for No. 2 to clear Runway Station.

Ken ran Runway Station most of the weekend.

No. 2 just left Runway Station.

Harry climbs on board.

Some switching activity towards the end of the day.

Jeff gives the signals to ease the train into coupling to the 3rd coach.

Bill and Jarret.

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