August 11, 2007
Narrow Gauge Meet

Thanks to Jack Bodenmann for these pictures!
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Rich Ulins' No. 70.

Ron and Karl.

Uh oh, the Authorities.

Back in time...

Too much fun!

Very cool.

Nice Westinghouse pump.


Ray's No. 18.

Back to the: 11th, 12th.

No. 9 (right) and friends.

No. 278.

Carlyle and Lenny.

Colorado Narrow Gauge.

Dick Thomas and friends.

Erin and Brian.

Ernie and Dayle.

Film at eleven...

Heavens to Betsy!

Jeff Badger and Phil Reeder.

Jeff Wheels on No. 41.

Joel fires up his No. 1.

Mike switching at the Mill.

Hey there railroader, new in town?

Nice engine. You built it? Yup.

Peter takes a run at the hill.

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