March 29, 2008
Work Day

Dr. Marcus heads out with a load of rakings.

Mike developed this locking system for the Mountain Division's turntable. The two bolts on the right attach to a plate and post in a cement footing.

The turntable got much attention today, installing the locking devices and bringing the lead tracks to the table.

Mike (right) is the mastermind for the turntable, and manufacturer of the locking devices. Harry (left) connects track to the devices.

Ed and Dick prep the picnic area for tomorrow's event.

Karl manned the weed eater.

Check out the new stairs and retaining wall in the cut formerly known as Tunnel #1.

Dale replaces some warped ties under a switch.

Gary cleans up the lift.
Today's activities focused on the turntable on the Mountain Division, and preparations for tomorrow's fundraiser for the Santa Maria Valley Railway Historical Museum.

Above the purple line is a rail and guide rail of a switch before cleaning, and below is after cleaning.

No. 1801 was used to test the alignment of the tracks.

John does some grading for a lead track from the carbarn.

Rob dumps a load of ballast.

There are 7 tracks out of the car barn, and 2 tracks on the yard side of the turntable. Each barn lead can be connected to one of the yard leads for a straight-through run using one of the 2 tracks on the table.

The Majestic Railway out for a spin.

Now there's a switch that wouldn't move without some remediation.

That Willow is a fashion statement!

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