May 10, 2008
Pacific Coast Roundup

Many Bitter Creek Western folks are also supporters of the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum (SLORRM) and the Pacific Coast Railroad (PCRR) at the Santa Margarita Ranch. Today was a fundraiser for the SLORRM at the PCRR.

Brad (on the steps) and Mike (looking toward the camera) prep for the day's activities.

Dale has been putting this Baguley-Drewry No. 7 (an 0-6-0) together since it arrived on palettes (quite rusted out and in pieces) in December. It was made in England in 1982 for a sugar plantation in South Africa. It runs on 600mm gauge track (23 and 5/8 inches).

The first Disney coach has been refurbished, and it's beautiful! That's Patti at the back of the car.

Ginny gives a wave from the cab.

Karl fills the tender with water.

The Norgrove Railway train.

Karl does the firing.

Jack and Brad discuss the next train movement.

Phil and Jeff in the cab.

Jeff's engineering and Dennis is conducting.

Bill, Kevin, and Matt in the Assistencia where many of the vendors and exhibitors were housed. All three are members of the Friends of the SMVRR, to which many folks helping today belong.

Bitter Creek provided a 7.5" gauge train for today's festivities.

Peter conducted his own Norgrove Railway train.

Kevin arrives for his shift.

Conductor Jack.

Bill enjoys a moment in the engineer's seat before taking off on his cab ride.

Ginny and Bill "fly" by on his narrow gauge speeder doing fire-spotting duty.

Karl and Jarret in the cab of the Caroline.

Cab rides are cool!

Dennis took charge of this train.

Harry in the fireman's seat.

Conductor Rob.

Aron had a good day!

Mary in the cab.

Many of the Pacific Coast Railroad crew for the Roundup. Photo by Mike Massee.

On the way home, we caught the southbound Amtrak Coast Starlight coming down
the Cuesta Grade near the horseshoe curve by Cal Poly SLO.

Crossing over the Stenner Creek Trestle.

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