May 18, 2008
Sunday Run Day

The "Goleta Guys" (Bob and John) reorganized their rolling stock into their new car barn extensions.

The new retaining wall has been completed.

And ties and dirt have been positioned for the next rail replacement project.

Matt and Dennis.

The weather was beautiful for today's Run Day!

Mike and Rob.

Karl's Northern came from Dick Thomas - see next picture down. Jack did the refurbishing.

Here's Karl's Northern years ago when it belonged to Dick Thomas. Dick is said to have 38 locomotives to his credit over his 40 years in the hobby. He was on the cover of the 1968 issue of Live Steam. Dick recently passed away.

Southern Pacific Lines No. 2486.

At left, Lou and Bill swap WWII stories. Lou was a civilian working for the British Air Force keeping all manor of steam equipment running, and Bill "flew a desk" in the U.S. Air Force as the war was ending.

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