October 28, 2008

The trailer and contents were recovered the evening of November 3rd! "My trailer/train has been recovered this evening. The person responsible for taking it called me by the ad I had placed in the local paper and told me were the trailer was. Everything was okay except for lettering on the trailer which was all removed. I want to thank everyone for all the support, prayers and emails. Now I can play trains again (when I get my locomotive)."

The railcars pictured above were stolen October 28th from the Bakersfield area. The locomotive was not stolen. The seven cars plus caboose were in a 12' white Pace cargo sport trailer with Union Pacific logos on the sides and the Bitter Creek Western and Kern County Live Steamers logos on the rear. If you can help in any way, please contact the BCWRR Webman. Here's a video clip (.wmv) of the train (11mb, see each car closely) provided by Mike Massee. Thanks.

Pictures of the trailer:

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