January 31, 2011
New Car Barn

Update: May 16, 2011.

Update: February 3, 2011.

A new car barn is under construction up on the Mountain Division. The most recent photo here was taken today. This is Virlon's barn for his PC #2 and all of the trailing equipment. Virlon and his buddies Dan and Gene are building it. Dan is a general contractor and is doing all of the thinking (and most of the work) while Gene and Virlon are the gophers. The barn measures 8' wide by 24' long. They are having a great time working together on this project. It will have 3 tracks inside and Don Maddy may use one of them for his equipment until he can get his barn built.

Thanks to Virlon for the photos.

Update: May 27, 2011.

Update: May 16, 2011.

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