Charlie Dockstader

Charlie Dockstader passed away 10/11/11. We will all miss him. He was one of the greatest live steamers ... ever.

Instructions for Download and Installation

The BCWRR is delighted to host Charlie's valve gear program on its web site. Charlie has put this program in the public domain but is not to be sold. Use at your own risk.

At right are the ZIP files containing all the program elements. Download each (1.2mb to 2.2mb each) and put them all in a single folder on your computer. Unzip these files so that all their contents end up in that same folder. Or, use the file (24mb) for a one-download approach.

To start the program, run this file: VGSTART.exe

Here's a PDF version of the instructions to run the program.

Thank you, Charlie, for such a cool program!

Download V2.8 for Windows, or... (24mb)
Updated Exhaust.wav file (10/15/13)

Charlie running his Central Pacific 229 at Bitter Creek in 2006.

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