Track Diagram

Diagrams as of Summer 2014

Thanks to John Lebeck for these updated maps!

These are all large-format PDFs, designed for 34" x 44" printouts. Each is a 25mb PDF.

Basic Map

With Mileposts. The turntable is milepost 0.0:
2.5" Scale West
1.5" Scale West
2.5" Scale East
1.5" Scale East

Older Diagram

The diagram below is old, but you'll get the idea. The references and images may prove helpful. The Mountain Division is the newest area of the BCWRR, and much is going in that area.

Map items in red are clickable spots that will take you to a picture of that area. In the case of the arrows (<=), the direction the arrow points indicates the camera view. Last updated 10/31/03.

Use this diagram/map and follow along with the video tour or the aerial photos.

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