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Donkey Hollow

Donkey Hollow started out with just a couple of the facade buildings built by Jack Bodenmann and Jim Wells. These were added to a building at a time with every train meet. Pat Chancey, Doug's wife, raised donkeys in the forest there for a while, so Donkey Flats was used until the topography was noticed. Donkey Hollow! If you pay particular attention on special weekends, you may hear honkey tonk music and/or fireworks sounds emanating from the town courtesy of Jim (like the sounds in the background of this web page!). Some of the buildings were initially developed for Harry Haas' railroad in Tehachapi, and were moved here when that line closed.

We understand that some new development is in the works, with one of two new buildings half built.

The dentistry offices of "I Yanksem, Painless Dentistry" is on the right in the foreground.

Looking across the tracks from the depot (yellow/brown on right edge) into "downtown" Donkey Hollow.

The depot is partially visible on the left (yellow). The black-on-white sign above the window proclaims "Donkey Hollow". On the right across the tracks is the Bittercrack Sportsman's Club.

The cemetery.

The 9:06 from San Luis is arriving.

The Bedbug Boarding House is in the back on the right in this closeup of "downtown".

The Sheriff's office is the small brown building almost centered in the photo.

The depot (yellow/brown building) was originally built for an area near today's yard. It was known originally as Tlaquepaque Depot (a real town in Texas). It fell into disrepair, and upon rejuvenation it was moved to Donkey Hollow.

An overview of downtown with the water tower in the foreground.

See how Donkey Hollow looked on August 20, 2004.

And at night on August 21, 2004.

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