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PRICE REDUCED 1/8 SCALE SOUTHERN 4-6-2 PACIFIC STEAM LOCOMOTIVE, CARS, TRAILER and all tools and parts. This engine is in great condition and a wonderful pulling and running engine. Current hydro and boiler certification 2 days ago. Asking $29,900 for everything. See PDF for details. Contact: Reposted 7/11/17.


Restored 10 horsepower 1937 Miniature Train Company G-12 train, 3 cars, and 400ft of track (12 curved, 10 straight). The gauge is 12". The train originally ran for years at San Francisco’s Playland. Contact Brett: Posted 2/2/16.

Selling spare 7-1/2" gauge parts I have been holding onto for a while. Most are Cannonball trucks, I received them from a relative so I do not know the origin off all of the trucks. All are in good condition with some surface rust, the bearings all spin freely. They have not been run in the last 10 years: 10 freight car trucks $250/pair, 2 modern passenger trucks $450/ea, 5 Buckeye tender trucks $500/ea, 9 Wheel & axle sets $20/ea. Posted 2/15/16. SOLD

2.5" scale White Pass Alco/MLW DL535E. V-twin power by Roll Models. Hydraulic drive. Very powerful. Air brakes and horn. Runs great, almost new. $22,500. Posted 8/1/10. WITHDRAWN.

Nearly a half mile of track. Aluminum rail on redwood 2x2 ties. The track was removed from Northern California about 6-7 years ago and was installed for about 10 years. It is in varying condition, but the aluminum is in good condition. Track is in roughly 10ft sections. Looking for 50¢ a foot. Posted 11/1/14. SOLD

3.75 inch scale, 7.5 inch gauge, RMI Sweet Creek (mogul). Has two superscale economy injectors, working steam electric generator, team air pump for train air brakes, hydraulic tender brake, briggs boiler. Engine is oil fired and lettered for the California and Pacific. Great operating locomotive with plenty of power and muscle to move any size train. Located at the Southern California Live Steamers in Torrance CA. Posted 7/30/12. SOLD

1.5" scale, 7'5" gauge Clishay locomotive and riding car. Engine is a two cylinder double acting 1-1/4" x 1-1/2". Boiler upgraded from the original 8" diameter water tube to a steel 10" diameter propane fire tube boiler with 73 1/2" copper fire tubes. Pneumatic FWD/REV shift and brakes on loco. Usual accessories: working headlight, bell, new whistle, two new relief valves, engine driven pump and a hand pump. New body and trucks on riding car. Engine and tender set-up on a single-axle trailer for transport. Asking $6,500 RTR. Contact Bill Cody. SOLD.

About 3" scale 0-4-0 live steam locomotive (propane). Loco, tender, and boxcar. Asking $10,750. Posted 3/3/10. SOLD.

MT 19 FAIRMONT SPEEDER. Price reduced to $5500. SPECIAL FEATURES: Nearly new Briggs&Stratton 23 hp (yes, 23!) Motor. Brand new batteries (4). New clutch. Dbl. Canadian chain drive. New chain. New front and rear axles. Nearly new wheels, bearings and wheel cones. Remote wheel-bearing greasers. Easily adjustable brakes without disassembly. Almost new seats. Tinted safety glass windows. Electric long-stroke turntable, enables you to turn around anywhere, not just road crossings. Several headsets, including active noise reduction. Two-way radio. Cargo-net side curtains. Electric MC Widder Vests (2). Inside rear-view mirrors. Rewired for easy maintenance. The Speeder comes with a host of tools, some specialized, that allows for complete maintenance by the owner. The owner should have mechanical skills and aptitude. THE TRAILER IS A CUSTOM BUILT UNIT THAT COST AS MUCH AS THE ORIGINAL SPEEDER. It is designed low (9"), for easy load/unload without the use of a winch. Four wheel torsion spring suspension, electric brakes, LED lights. 7 prong hd hitch plug, 2" ball socket. Telescoping rails inside wheel rails for a neat and trouble-free set up. Contact: Joe Porhammer, owner and builder Glendale, Oregon. Posted 12/25/13. SOLD.

Take all that's left for $9995. Or will sell separately as marked. 1.5" scale, 7.5" gauge ride-on, backyard railroad including: 5 flats ($550ea), 1 hopper ($550ea), 1 tank ($550ea), 2 cabooses ($700ea), 1 locomotive ($3850), 1 speeder ($1900), track, and switches. Click here for details and pictures. Posted 9/18/11. Updated 12/5/11. SOLD.

BCWRR railroaders are welcome to post their for sale items here. Contact the Webman. The BCWRR makes no representation whatsoever regarding these items.

New hand pump car handle and crank shaft with pump rod bearing's for both. These pieces are all weldments, the handles are made to look like a casting. $450. Contact Smitty at 541-524-9428. Repriced 12/23/13.

36" Narrow gauge hand pump car, new reproduction, 20" wheels (used), clear oak and all metal painted black, very nice. $5,000. Contact Smitty at 541-524-9428. Posted 12/23/13.

7.5" Chloe, 0-4-2, complete train. Enough seats for 4 people. Runs on propane. Has been to Train Mountain many times. Comes with engine stand for running in place, extra parts, new battery, new boiler certificate. Caboose has tail markers, compressor for brakes, and all hoses, parts to make steam-ups easy. It's Ready-to-Run and enjoy! Will be in Sacramento at the Live Steamers Park, May 20-22, 2016. $14,500 as described. Located near Sacramento, CA. Posted 5/6/16. SOLD

24-foot Wells Cargo Box Trailer. It is currently set up for hauling 1 1/2 scale, 7 1/2 gauge railroad equipment. There are 7 each 10'x10" tracks for RR engine and car storage in the front of the trailer leaving 13’ for hauling a small vehicle. If a vehicle is not needed there is an additional 3 each 13' tracks on floor. 1 each 12'x10" cable driven electric lift for raising and lowering RR equipment to shelves. Trailer has electric brakes, 2 12-volt interior lights, and 2 110-volt 4" florescent lights. Shore power required. Tires were replaced approximately 1 1/2 years ago. spare tire included. 2 roof vents. Asking price $4,500. Posted 8/31/15. SOLD

2-1/2" scale Mason Bogie (Ulin castings, prints etc.) $25,000. Stock car - $2,000. Posted 7/29/14. SOLD.

Ten 7.5" gauge flat cars, 9-10’ each, and three stock cars. All have trucks and couplers. All cars are operational, but some may need some work to be ready to run. There is also a transport trailer fitted with tracks that can accommodate all cars. These cars were part of the circus train formerly owned by Ted Cheesman. Asking price is $1,000 OBO. Posted 5/2/14. SOLD.

Caboose: 7-1/2" gauge, 1-1/2" scale. Built from 3/4" plywood. Tom Bee trucks and couplers. Painted in SP colors (no decals as buyer may want different livery). Can be seen at Bitter Creek Western Railroad in Arroyo Grande, CA. Asking $1200 OBO. Posted 3/31/14. SOLD.

Real trains battery diesel with flat in bn blue plus 10 sections of rail. Plus the rail riders supply speeder and speeder trailer with light and horn kit, has .4 hours on the crystal. I am asking $7,000 for everything (retail is close to $11,000). Located in Atascadero. Posted 12/12/13. SOLD.

Mercer steeple cab electric and Mercer flat car. Locomotive has all 4 axels powered and is a strong runner. Also has a bell and LOUD air horn. Flat has roller bearing trucks and is an easy roller. $7,000.00 for both. Located in Monterey, will deliver to BCWRR. Posted 3/31/11. SOLD.

Allen Models "Chloe" For Sale. Just finished a complete overhaul from the bare frame up. New copper tubes and hydro test to 225#. Engineer's car with 9 gallon water tank and 150psi pump. New propane car with forklift style propane tank. Additional riding car with hinged seat lids for storage. Posted 2/25/08. SOLD.

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