Historical Photos

Land just begging for a railroad in the early 1980s.

Some of the BCWRR crew in February of 1983.

April 1985.

The cuts are made for the track. May 1985.


December 1985.

This chronology appears in the photo album from which these images were scanned:

Fall, 1983 - Talk, plans, talk, plans, talk, plans, etc.
2/6/84 - Best plan with reasonable grades; simplified loops, cuts, and fills.
2/26/84 - First stakes of track plan put in with tape measure only.
3/10/84 - Restaked loops 50' more uphill to decrease amount of lower fills.
3/25/84 - Argued and restaked entire line, even upper loop. Unloaded 22 sections of track panels.
4/1/84 - Offset stakes put in, some with tall extensions for deep fills.
6/23/84 - Doug starts cuts and big fill with dozer.
7/1/84 - Most of lower fill done. Upper fill started.
10/28/84 - Lower fill enlarged for double track. Upper fill completed.
12/2/84 - Oversized ballast rock reloaded from upper gate to lower layout.
12/8/84 - More dirt taken out on lower fill; transit readings varying.
1/20/85 - Side-rod diesel, Eula, and 4 cars arrive. Also, first Christmas trees planted. Track panels almost halfway around first loop.
1/30/85 - "San Luis Southern" chosen as name of club by Doug, John, Karl, Everett, Gene, Iran, Dave, and Pete while at lunch at Bob's in SLO.
2/3/85 - Planted 18 small pine trees. Hand carry all water.
Here are video "slideshows" of about 100 pics each: 1982-1986 and 1987. Thanks to Don Maddy for putting these together.

Some of the mainline is in place. January 1985.

May 1985.

A tunnel is underway. October 1985.

The first of the locomotives to ride the BCWRR rails - No. 3004. December 1985.

This is the car barn area of today as it looked in December of 1985.

2/8/85 - Loaded five pickup trucks with wet gravel granite at SLO.
2/9/85 - Dumped gravel at layout. Completed last 50' of first loop. Ran Eula. Big ice plant planted on North side of big fill. Harry Haas and Jim Jury visit.
2/10/85 - Cut over 1000 railroad ties at Jack's house, then Karl put in the first switch.
3/3/85 - Doug attempted to teach Eula to fly. She tried hard.
4/13/85 - Flowering ice plant and more trees planted, watered by hand sprayer and temp sprinkler lines from upper loop.
5/18/85 - Underground water lines installed, feeder lines added later.
11/3/85 - Jack planted 47 cedar trees. Tunnel frames being mass produced.
12/1/85 - First 24' tunnel done with dirt added on top.

On to 1986...

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