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None at the moment.  

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At left is a schedule of upcoming Public Ride Days at the BCWRR. No other dates are open to the public.

Railroaders should see the complete Events page or may contact the BCWRR to inquire about visiting at "off" times.

Important Information / "Rules"

We want everybody to have a safe and enjoyable event. These rules are established for your own safety. Please note that children need proper shoes and be able to ride in their own seats. Sometimes this can be an issue. Please no "babes in arms" allowed on the train at any time.

  • A train ride is about 20 minutes in length
  • Pregnant persons will not be permitted to ride the trains
  • Public Ride Days are only as indicated on this page
  • Trains run almost continuously from 10am to 4pm, but we cannot guarantee the availability of a seat at any given moment
  • There is no charge (unless noted otherwise), however donations are appreciated
  • Shirts and closed-toe shoes are required when riding trains; no part of the foot should be visible
  • No dogs are permitted on the property of Bitter Creek Western Railroad
  • For safety reasons, the train engineer and/or the stationmaster have the final say regarding who may ride a train
  • All riders must be at least three years old AND be able to sit in their own seat
  • No "babes in arms" may ride trains
  • Our insurance does not allow us to do birthday parties
  • Do not park in driveways; please respect our neighbors' private property and landscaping
  • We don't run if it's raining
  • We can handle groups of small to medium size, but be sure to e-mail ahead of your visit [Contact info]
Map to the BCWRR

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