Loading a Daylight for Home

July, 2003

Follow along as Joe Yetter's S.P. San Joaquin Daylight (a "Pacific" 4-6-2) is moved from the Mountain Division hoist (pictured above) to its bus up at the level of the main road (Halcyon). Here, the hoist is still lined up with the Mountain Division tracks. The Yetters hail from Salinas and have been active at the BCWRR since 1986. Note: the S.P. Coastal Daylights of the same color scheme used heavier 4-8-4 "Northern" locomotives.

The hoist has been raised and swung around to align with the custom trailer.

The Daylight is caught here betwixt and between the hoist and trailer.

And finally, on the trailer!


The locomotive is attached to the trailer at the coupler shaft (see left picture) and by a horseshoe bracket that goes all the way through the loco at about mid-length (above).

Once the engine is safely bolted to the trailer, the tractor is swung in to pick it up. At right, the tractor pulls away with its load.


Here the tractor pulls out onto Halcyon Road for the trip to the house entrance where the bus is parked. At right, the trailer has been positioned to line up with the mounting boards in the belly of the bus. Unfortunately, it's been lined up facing the wrong direction (it will need to go in head first). Between here and the next pictures below, the trailer/engine were turned around.


And in it goes!



Here are the final positions as viewed from both sides.

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