Mountain Division

July, 2003

The BCWRR is in the midst of developing the upper level of the property, the Mountain Division! To the right is a uniquely designed turntable that can direct one of two incoming tracks on a direct path to one of seven 45-foot sidings on the other side. This allows a train to "pass on through" without having to maneuver a couple cars at a time. Ultimately, the sidings will be under the roof of a single building with utilities.

The two center tracks are part of the Mountain Division mainline which will be designed to route trains in only one direction. Through trains from the mainline below will not be reversed in the process of cruising this upper mainline.

On the left (above) is the hoist from the Goleta Valley railroad. The equipment is beneath the umbrella. It is operational.

This S.P. Daylight sits on the hoist ready to load for the homeward trip (see the story).

Here is the approach to the turntable area pictured above. The track to the far right goes to the turntable. The far left track goes to the hoist, and the center tracks are part of the mainline.

Thanks to Bob Mowry for the tour and "the story".

SMVRR No. 1801 gets a barn...

Here's a close-up of the new turntable. All of the seven sidings (upper) can be directed straight through to one of the two incoming tracks (lower, only one is shown).

This view is looking back down the hill from the upper level of the Mountain Division where it crosses the existing road down. To the right is the under-the-house car barn; to the left is the grade (2-3% nominal, momentary 4%) down hill to the existing level. The switch is always set to go right as a precaution against downhill runaways. This will ultimately be the "up side" when the loop is complete.

This view is on the backside of the Mountain Division. The view is towards the new turntable (on the other side of the building). The dirt area to the right of the track and in front of the building will become a yard area.


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