Orenstein and Koppel
August 28, 2004

The Bitter Creek Western RR recently acquired a 24-inch gauge (600mm), 1938 Orenstein and Koppel 0-4-0, "some assembly required". And re-work, too!

The loco's builder's plate. Orenstein and Koppel, Aktien-Gesellschaft, No. 13164, Berlin-Drewitz, 1938. It was originally delivered to Deutsche Tiefbau GmbH, Essen, Germany.

Karl's hoping it will eventually run on a future 24" railroad in the Avila area.

The loco was brought to the BCWRR from Dorris, CA. The loco was originally built for a water works in Germany. This loco was brought to the U.S. around 1970. They say it develops 70 horsepower.

The boiler is headed south to be used as a model for the creation of a new one.

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