This BCWRR loco models a Southern Pacific Railroad (SPRR) X-1, narrow-gauge, 450hp, 50-ton, Caterpillar diesel made by General Electric and was also known as the "Little Giant". It served the SPRR from 1954 until 1960 in the Owens Valley area (see X-1 pics near the bottom of the page). It then went to a mining company in Mexico. This loco is powered by 8 golfcart batteries, and uses a sophisticated electronics system that automatically adjusts power for changes in grade in order to maintain a given speed (+/- about 10%). It also regeneratively charges the batteries while braking. Not to be confused with, but also called the "Little Giant", was the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie RR. It's pictured here on July 5, 2003.

Update July 2005: The above SPRR X-1 battery-powered model was recently replaced with a propane combustion engine-powered version.

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