S.P.C. Railway

This is Jeff Badger's Soquel Pacific Coast (S.P.C.) Railway, the Route of the Badger. Jeff hails from Santa Cruz County.

Note: Over the 4th of July Run 2005, Jamie Foster bought No. 3 and its train from Jeff. Jamie is currently the webman for BitterCreekWesternRR.org.

No. 3 is a Baldwin 0-4-0. It's a freelance design based on a "meg steam Wendy" from Canada. "It's highly modified," Jeff noted.

Jeff Badger (right) and Bryce Reynolds (left) prepares to rinse out the saddle tanks.

August, 2003

Bryce Reynolds of the S.P.C. Railway crew prepares to head out on No. 1929, a "kit bashed" kid's pedal car (the hood) that was converted into a locomotive in 3 weeks with some steel work and a few trips to OSH. It's powered by a gasoline engine and a hydraulic drive system.

These two Badger locomotives made an appearance at the BCWRR during the 3rd Annual Narrow Gauge Meet.

Simple controls.

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