April 3, 2011
Teddy Bear Modeling

While train crews were preparing for today's SLORRM Train Fest event, we had a bit of a modeling shoot at the turntable. Artist Johnny Louis is doing a series of teddy bear paintings, and one of the series is Teddy Bear Engineer. They shot some pictures today which will guide the artist in the creation of his painting. Stay tuned...

Update 9/27/11: Here's Johnny Louis' finished artwork (16x20), "BEAR-relling Down The Tracks"! This and his other teddy bear pieces are available at Seaside Gallery, 580 Cypress St., downtown Pismo Beach, CA. Directly below is the photo I took on April 3rd that comes closest to the angle in the artwork. Note that the actual loco number was used in the painting.

Photos by Jamie Foster Photography

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