Make-a-Wish Foundation

Make-a-Wish Foundation

It was a special day at the Bitter Creek Western Railroad.

A VIP was arriving. The San Luis Obispo County Cruise for Kids took on the challenge of making Will's wish come true. And they were bringing him to the BCWRR for the day.

Will dreamed of trains. He drew pictures of trains. He even made a movie about trains.

And on this special day, the Bitter Creek Western Railroad was at his disposal!

Will lost his fight for life not too long after his trip to the BCWRR. But not before those present that day got to see his dream unfold before him. If only we could engineer as much into life as Will did.

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Will's trip to the BCWRR is featured on the September page of the Make-a-Wish Foundation's 2007 calendar (pictured at left), available on their web site.

That's Karl in the small pictures with Will. And that's Kevin's SMVRR No. 1801 in the background of the big picture.

In March of 2007, Daniel, another Make-a-Wish VIP, visits the BCWRR and the Pacific Coast Railroad.

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