March 25, 2007
Daniel Visits the Pacific Cocast Railroad

Daniel's Make-a-Wish weekend brought him to the Pacific Coast Railroad (PCRR) at the Santa Margarita Ranch on Sunday. Many thanks to the great folks at the PCRR, and the BCWRR support volunteers, that made this day possible for our VIP!

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Bill provides a little elbow grease for cleaning.

Jim and Jarret prep the locomotive.

Harry polishes the bell.

Jarret engineers the Roger Linn

Blue stop means there are people working around the train. This STOP pin prevents anyone from engaging the locomotive.

Goat herders.

Checking the fuel level.

Jim, Jarret, and Brad discuss the operations plans for the day.

Daniel road in the cab of the locomotive this time around (with his Dad).

The asistencia.

New water facilities are in the works.

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