Historical Photos

Surveying in February of 1986.

Today's boxcar storage shed (far right) is in place in September of 1986.

The large tree was a 1983 Christmas tree that's already grown to this size in 1986.

This is the "Gold Spike" ceremony at the railroad where and when the mainline was completed. An oak tie was used to mark the spot, along with a plaque that reads "SLSRR 12-86" (December, 1986). Gold and silver (colored) spikes were used and are still there today (see a picture taken 4/21/07).

Pullmans on the mainline in September of 1986.

No. 3004 heads out across what looks like the prairie.

No. 18 waters at the water tower out in the middle of nowhere.

This bridge runs along the yard and the view is roughly to the south.

A view into what is today's yard area, with the future car barn area in the distance (along the row of small pine trees).

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