Lumber Mill

Under construction...

This October 2003 work day started out with a walk-through of a new construction site. The stakes mark the area that will soon have the Bitter Creek Lumber Mill (which will really be a disguised car barn).

These railroaders are walking away from the site of the new lumber mill which is in the distance behind them. October 2003.

Bill and Dennis work the foundation area for the future lumber mill (aka a car barn) in December 2003.

All of a sudden it's "out of the ground"!

Bill, Dennis, and Dick are cutting the hardi-plank material for the lumber mill siding. It's a paintable cement-fiber board that cuts and nails like wood siding.

Dick and Dennis mark the stud locations with a plumb line.

Halfway up with the hardi-plank.

See Lumber mill update August 8, 2004.

See Lumber mill christening on August 28, 2004.

Bill uses a homemade jig to space the hardi-plank siding boards. Unless noted otherwise, the pictures on this page were taken February 8, 2004.

Doug looks on as Bill, Dennis, Karl, and Dick work the siding.

This view of the under-construction lumber mill looks back towards the mainline and the BBQ/picnic area. There will be 3 tracks of car storage inside the mill, and a siding along a loading platform on the outside (to the right in this picture).

Dennis works the jig to place the next board.

Bill used his Union Pacific No. 1943 to haul in the lumber. It's all the more fun when you "have to" use the trains. In the pictured position, the train is headed up-grade to the Mountain Division (which is also under construction).

Lots of tar paper to cover...

Ouch! First blood. Not bad after 5 weekends.

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