This is an 8-minute video with considerable zooming and panning.

Windows Media Video format (.wmv), 21megs.
320 x 240; 354 kbps.
Windows Media Player is a Microsoft product and is available free at sites like CNET's

Here's the clip: BCWRR Video Trip 2.
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New Video: July 2006!

Thanks to Mike Massee ( for this nearly 4-minute video taken July 2006. Both video files are the same content, the difference is size/resolution:
Windows Media Movie (.wmv), 320x180, 13.3mb
Windows Media Movie (.wmv), 640x360, 29.9mb

Video Tours of the BCWRR

Below and at left are headlight-view tours of the BCWRR. They start at the Depot (passenger boarding area) heading for the BBQ area, and end back at the Depot.

Print out the BCWRR map and follow along...

A complete loop takes about 15 minutes. These videos have been edited to about half that.

Thanks to Kevin and his SMV No. 1801 for providing the motive power on filming day (10/12/03)!

This is a 7-minute, straight forward, eyes front, no zooming, no panning video.

Real Video® format (.rm), 12megs.
240 x 180; 225 kbps
Get the free RealOneTM Player.

Here's the clip: BCWRR Video Trip 1.

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