July 3, 2003

July 4th series: 3, 4a, 4b, 4c, 5a, 5b, 5c, 6

From fairly late in the day...

Great Western No. 6000 sits behind the LRDG's No. 2.

All the way from Germany, this PCR No. 11 belongs to Hubert Wetekamp who is on his way home from the Train Mountain Triennial. And he had to change out his 7.25" trucks to boot! PCR = Pickled Cabbage Railway. Check out his web site.

Close up on the cab of the GWRR No. 6000.

This was the maiden voyage for this BCWRR model of Pacific Coast Railway's (PCRy's) No. 120.

Northern Alberta.

Another "sitting in the yard" picture.

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Majestic Railway No. 3 - here's the story.

LRDG No. 2 side view.

Closeup on the LRDG No. 2's cab.

No. 2's cylinders.

Great Western coaches wait in the yard.

Sand Lake Mason and Western (SLM&W) No. 47.

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